Workshop and Poetry In Education Attendee Testimonials


School Comments


I just wanted you to know how much my class and I enjoyed your poetry and the workshop. You definitely inspired some already aspiring writers. You should hear what they have produced and continue to improve on. We’ve been working on bringing the poetry to life when we read it and I have been amazed at the results. Continued success with your work, and I hope you had a positive experience here in the States and especially Oak Park.

Karen E. Fogg”

5th grade teacher
Beye School, Chicago

You were such a success last year and we would love to have you back…”

Liz McMillan, Outreach Manager, London Borough of Hillingdon. Black History Event at Yeading Primary School.


Workshop Attendee Comments

“Dear Patricia Foster

We met at the family day held at the British Library. I said I would send along my son’s work and to be honest he has been reminding me ever since. He thoroughly enjoyed the session, and once again I would ask if there are ever any further opportunities for him to do something like this then I would greatly appreciate an email from you.

I am following up on the leads you gave me on the day.

Keep up the good work”

Parent and attendee, BBC London Radio’s Family History Day workshop at the British Library (February 2006)


Users of Downham Youth IT Space


“Dear Patricia Foster,

I was 7 years old when I first met you at Downham Youth I.T. Space. I’ll be 26 years old next month- time flies exceedingly! My brothers and I use to go to computer club every Tuesday and Thursday because tactically we wanted a longer slot on the computers. It was a great recreational distraction for us. We continued to attend religiously until I left primary school to go to secondary school and my brothers developed independence to attend.

I spent the best part of my childhood going there and I’m not sure if I ever expressed my everlasting gratitude to you.

I just want to simply say thank you for having patience with me and being a superb teacher & motivator. I can’t thank you enough for championing me to play educational games rather than Power Pete! (How I miss that game!) I was fortunate enough to see you visit Youth Space on and off again during Secondary school and college. You’ve always gone above and beyond to help me with assignments, Mac tutorials etc- I’ve never forgotten your kind nature and what a good person you are inside and out.

Back then, you were quite bossy and strict to me, but now I understand that you had good intentions and that you were being Motherly by showing that you really cared for my brothers and I.

So thank you Pat for everything. I feel so blessed that you were part of my childhood. My memories will remain with me forever.

Love and prayers,

Ms Pamela Kalu.”

Graduate, Media Coordinator, PR Executive



“A pillar of community, giving adivce truthfully, people damaging your confidence quite brutally, and ruthlessly, and then I get some positives in feedback at ‘Youth IT’, from a tutour who I’d have to say’s a pillar of community, holding up the bridge, the youth cross when they’re becoming men, building up their confidence with compliments, and honesty, I thought I’d never rap properly, but she told me I could do it, so I thought I got to prove it, show the ends that I aint useless”

Name Witheld”

Former Pupil and Lyricist



“I have known Pat for 12 years now and throughout these years, Pat has always been a kind, helpful and selfless person. Whenever you needed help or advice she was just the right person to go to. She gets along with young people and knows how to interact with them. She’s also a great influence and somebody you can look up to and I could never thank her enough for all the help that she’s given me along the way.

Eden Uwimana”

Former Pupil



“You were helpful to my son and to the other children in the library after school.
He enjoyed your organisation, your ability to control and supervise the kids and your special care towards everyone.

Name Witheld”

Parent of Former Pupil



“In 1997 I met Patricia Foster for the 1st time in the Downham Youth I.T Space. This meeting changed my life, and up to this day still continues to have a positive impact on me.
I grew up on the Downham estate and those that know Downham, know there’s not much going on to keep the youngsters positively occupied.
Growing up me and my friends would hang around the shops or on street corners looking for something to do. Growing up me and my friends would hang around the shops or on street corners looking for something to do. We would often resort to knocking on peoples doors and running off or stealing from shops so we could get a chase.
Our behaviour became more and more erratic, soon we were given names, we were YOBS!
This was the start of when things began to get worse!

Meeting Patricia was accidental, on the day I met here I only went in the library because it was raining outside and it was a place to keep warm and dry. While in the library we caused a little commotion and this resulted in Patricia coming out to see what was going on.
She introduced herself to us and said we can use the computers for a while; this was the start of a positive change in my life.
At first me and my friends would go to play games on the computers or surf the net, this would keep our attention occupied and also keep us off the streets for a couple of hours. After a while it hit us ‘we could do our home work at the library’! We ended up spending most of our time in the library and off the streets.
While spending my time in the library Patricia challenged me, she got me thinking in ways I had never done, she got me using my brain in ways I didn’t know I could. This lead to me being the man I am today.
I could have taken a different path in life and ended up in prison or worse, dead!!!

16 years later I now take my sons to the Youth I.T Space, and I have introduced them to a very special woman, a woman that changed my life for the better.
If it wasn’t for these facilities Downham would have had one more thug in the area causing trouble.

Today I am a teacher and a counsellor and my belief is, if I work my whole life and only save one person’s life like Patricia saved my, then I didn’t live in vain! That’s something you can’t put a price on.
Up to this day I still don’t think Patricia understands how influential her input was to my life, I am the man I am today due to her taking the time to help me re-focus me energy in to something more constructive.

Patricia is a very special individual, who changes lives on a daily basis. When I go to visit her I see many people walk past her in the streets and stop to say hello, hi, thank you, how you doing, are you working, can I come use the computers, can you help me…..

Yours Sincerely
Mr G D W”

Teacher, Counsellor, Mentor and Former Pupil