Do you have any poetry online?

Yes I do. There are a few websites containing my early work. You can check them out by clicking here and here.

I also have a few online video performances which you can view below:

DE LEVENDE LETTER – ”Palabras” in Paradiso/Patricia Foster
Performance at ‘Palabras The Reunion’ at The Paradiso, Amsterdam. March 6th 2016.

LIPS – Poetry Film Written & Performed by Patricia Foster. Produced by Mellow 9 Productions.

Lips – Performed at Spit Lit Festival of Women’s Writing, March 2007

Thea-Poets Intro Piece – Group Performance with Thea-Poets

Where can we find your published work in print?

You can find my printed poetry in the following publications:


A Storm Between Fingers’,

Handmade Fire’,

Brown Eyes – A Selection of Creative Expressions by Black and Mixed Race Women’,

the ‘Tall-lighthouse review’, a new anthology of poetry,

‘Jupiter Magazine’

Loose Muse Anthology of New Writing by Women


How can we book you for a school or university workshop?

You can contact me directly
(phone/text) +44(0)7956476547 or
You can also fill in the contact sheet on the ‘Contact‘ page.
Just state in the subject heading what type of workshop you request.
I can also create a bespoke workshop for you, tailoring the session to the needs of your students, whatever their learning ability is.

I often get asked to deliver Black History Month (BHM) school workshops and assemblies, as well as BHM literature sessions in universities. These include:

  • Poetry and Identity Workshops
  • Storytelling Workshops
  • ‘Celebrating People in Black History Using Multimedia’ Workshop
  • Poetry Readings

How can we find out when you are next reading or performing?

I tend to post info related to my next readings and performances on social media, via the following social media platforms:

If you click on each individual social media platform, you can follow me there to receive my latest updates.

If you are not on any of the above platforms, you can contact me at:
(email) or
(call/text) +44(0)7956476547

I will happily add you to my mailing list.